embroidered GPS tracks 2007



The information captured with a handheld GPS which is uploaded to my Mac and translated with MacGPSPro software into graphic images displaying latitudes and longitudes. These tracks are then refined in Photoshop and translated into software used by sewing machines and stitched by a computerized sewing machine.

In all cases the technology does the physical 'making', but the body is still active and engaged in the process, performing crucial tasks like stretching fabrics, choosing thread colours, driving a car or riding a bicycle and working with the various software programs and computer interfaces. I, the human no longer act only with my body or hands, but also through various electronic appendages, or more like a cyborg....

For more on the history on GPS/Satellite technology: look at the “THE REMOTE SENSING TUTORIAL” written by Dr. Nicholas S M. Short at http://rst.gsfc.nasa.gov/Front/overview.html