GPS tracks weaving 2010-11


The White Pieces

computer assisted Jacquard weavings 30 x 30” 2010

I am interested in objects that look like towels and also speak to formal paintings such as Mondrian’s simple squares and primary colours and the idea of domestic landscape. In addition they remind me of traditional damask weaving in white on white, where the simple reflection of light on the warp (length threads) or weft (horizontal threads) creates the patterns. But these patterns are rather loud and chaotic, they represent real geographic landmarks, ocean, mountains, trees etc.

I also wanted to see if different modes of transportation would produce noticeable different qualities of lines. In the city we mostly drive on a grid although we also follow landmarks, rivers and ocean fronts. By kayak we follow no grid at all and while biking or hiking we may follow a path or meandering trail. The coloured stripes carry a variety of information and data, from location data, speed and Heart rate data, route descriptions and pictures.

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