Silk Roads: Surrey Art Gallery Tech Lab Residency 2010


Short demo of weaving process on TC-1 thread controller, a hand-manipulated Jacquard loom; this is quite slow as in most weavings with 2 wefts, many threads need to be lifted; later I wove most pieces from the back, but that of course makes less interesting viewing (or weaving).

All the design for it was made in Photoshop, using mostly ‘Woven Pixel’ by Bhakti Ziek and Alice Schlein.


Silk Roads:

Examining the myth and metaphor of the Silk Road, this residency-exhibition project presents a combination of ancient textile techniques and computer-aided technologies. 2010

more information on my blog from the residency and a pdf with an artist statement and a text by Assistant Curator Brian Foreman published by the Surrey Art Gallery

Interview with Brian Foreman, assistant curator at the Surrey Art Gallery

Sogdian Child's Coat on the Karakoram Highway; 38°56' N 75°25' E

Jacquard weaving, 50 x 60"

Kyrgyz Vest on the Torugart Pass, with Chatyr-Kul Lake. 40º35' N 75º25'E

Jacquard weaving, 50 x 60"

Chinese Dragon Robe on Bogda Shan range Tien Shan mountains near Turpan. 43º20'N 89º24'E

Jacquard weaving, 50 x 60"


Aurel Stein at Flaming Mountains 42°55’ n 89° 33 E

handwoven Jacquard 27 x 32”

Uzbek embroidery on the Ferghana-Tashkent route, near Chigirchik pass, 41° 7' N 70°29' E

handwoven Jacquard 27 x 30”

Saddleblanket over City Mashad, Iran 36°13'N 59°22' E handwoven Jacquard 27 x 30”

Afghani War Rug near Massoud’s Monument

35° 24’ N 69° 29’ E

View of Tech lab with work in progress and Ruth Scheuing and Nina Jacobs and

TC-1 Thread controler (Jacquard loom)