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digital threads a web project by the Textile Museum of Canada

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welcome to my new website with information on my art making and the ideas that have shaped my thinking over the last 20 + years

Click images below to look at different bodies of works.

Statements and other texts are attached to specific projects and reflect the writing at the time the works were made. They are also searchable under ‘texts’

Jacquard weaving 1998-2006

early work 1989 - 1997

Current work GPS and related since 2006

GPS tracks prints     

woven GPS tracks

Silkroads residency

stitched GPS tracks

‘to walk the line” from ‘Digital threads’ web project

Flowers and Leaves: Ada, Cyborgs & Muybridge

satellite images

mythological weavings

Penelope & altered men’s suits

Busts & Rosie the Riveter

Arachne’s & woven texts