writing, texts  + artist statements about specific bodies of work:

  1. -about suits, alterations/transformations (1992)

  1. -interview between Penelope and myself initially written for ‘Soft Ground’ as a catalogue essay (1990)

  2. -text by Ovid from metamorphoses about Arachne’s tapestry

  3. -statement about Arachne’s tapestry 1995

  1. -to weave but webs to catch the wind’ and other quotes for a series of placemat sized texts (1997)

  2. -Ada Lovelace and the connection between Jacquard weaving and computers constructing nature and ‘Flowers and Leaves’ (2000)

  3. -text for the project extended statement on Jacquard weaving, Satellite Technologies as Narratives (2004-6)

  4. -GPS, to walk a line: ‘Walking a Line: Mapping the Days’ for ‘Digital Threads’ 2007

  1. -statement  for current GPS work 2011

  1. -CV-resume (2011)